W.K. Merriman Products and Services

Case Studies

Chemical Producer

Chemical Producer
  • Previously using caustic soda, sodium bicarbonate and hydrated lime for two separate water treatment systems
  • Converted to Lime Slurry and no longer have to use three products.
  • After the lime slurry conversion the plant has seen a usage reduction, better efficiency, eliminated plugging in their lines, and no dusting


  • Previous treatment was to open 600 lbs. of Hydrate per day in 50 lb. bags
  • An employee had been injured from lifting bags of hydrate for treatment.
  • Converted to lime slurry and saw a 43% reduction in costs and are using less Ferric Chloride.

Food Processor

Food Processor
  • Plant operates an anaerobic digester for treatment of high BOD waste streams
  • Magnesium hydroxide is utilized for pH control and added alkalinity to the digester
  • ByoGon is used as an alkaloid compound to increase metabolism of bacteria for better removal of BOD and increased methane production.

Power Plant

Power Plant
  • New Hydrate system that was online for less than a year was experiencing major plugging
  • After increased shut downs, labor costs, and inefficiencies, lime slurry was used for pH adjustment.
  • A full scale bulk lime slurry system was put in place at a fraction of the cost and lowered maintenance issues.

Coal Mining

Coal Mine
  • Caustic soda was being utilized for pH control and water treatment.
  • Lime slurry was brought in using one of WKM’s trial units to run side by side comparison.
  • After testing, lime slurry proved to increase water quality while maintaining a lower overall cost.