W.K. Merriman Company Profile

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A pioneer in the wastewater treatment industry, W.K. Merriman understands that each system is unique. We focus on cost-effective methods for wastewater treatment by providing:

  • Creative Technical Expertise
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Lab Testing and Analysis Reports
  • Equipment for Trial and Conversions
  • Customer Inventory Monitoring
  • 24-Hour Availability for Orders


"Low cost source of hydroxide alkalinity and has a proven track record of stable pricing..."
Reclamation Matters, 2011
"The company's manufactured lime slurry is ready to use, easy to feed, monitor, and control..."
World Coal, 2007
"Has terminals in strategic locations from the Mississippi River to the East Coast..."
American Longwall Magazine, 2007

Mission Statements

Mission Statement

W.K. Merriman, Inc. is dedicated to providing our customers with quality service by combining innovative technology and cost-effective products.

In Affliation with:

AIST U.S. Small Business Administration Chemical Association of Pittsburgh Certified Women's Business Enterprise Water Environment Federation Pennsylvania Department of General Services

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How we Operate

Conversion Process

Our customer’s needs come first. We quickly work from initial contact to plant trials and/or conversion while ensuring an easy transition. Our four-step process is simple, yet effective.

approach  to  our  customers

We analyze neutralization system information such as retention time, metal concentrations, and discharge limits in order to identify which alkali are best for your system.

Laboratory testing is conducted, incorporating information on current product usage, sludge disposal cost, and projected alkali reduction. From here, we can recommend the most cost-effective alternative.

Plant trials can be arranged on any scale, from drums to full truckloads, without taking the current neutralizer off-line. Our work ensures the trial product is used most effectively, without interfering with existing production.

We develop a plan for a full-scale conversion. After the conversion, we continue to provide prompt deliveries, quality service, and ongoing technical assistance.