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Dolomitic   Lime

Dolomitic lime cuts wastewater treatment costs by reducing the amount of alkali necessary for neutralization. Compared to hydrated calcium lime, dolomitic lime reduces product usage by 23%. When used to neutralize sulfuric acid-based wastewater, the sludge volume generated is reduced by up to 50%.

Benefits of dolomitic lime:

  • Decreased product usage compared to high-calcium lime
  • Improved pH control
  • Competitive pricing
  • Metals removal at a lower pH
  • Available in individual and bulk orders
  • Decreased sludge production
  • Improved settling of heavy metals
  • Reduced pin floc
  • Less time and cost to dewater


For every ton of sulfuric acid neutralized with high-calcium lime, 1.4 dry tons of calcium sulfate are formed. The calcium sulfate and entrapped water require disposal.

2Ca(OH)2 + 2H2(SO4) → 2Ca(SO4) + 4H2O (1.4 tons)

When dolomitic lime is substituted for high-calcium lime in this reaction, the amount of calcium sulfate generated is reduced by 50%.

Ca(OH)2MgO + 2H2(SO4) → Ca(SO4) + Mg(SO4) + 3H2O (0.7 tons)

The magnesium sulfate formed in this reaction is soluble, eliminating disposal. This represents a dramatic saving in landfill costs.

Sludge Disposal
Increases in sludge disposal costs have caused calcium lime users to seek out alternative wastewater treatments. However, many other treatments are expensive due to costly equipment and additional handling requirements. Dolomitic lime is safely handled, used, and stored the same as hydrated calcium lime, eliminating conversion expenses as well as costly sludge disposal.

We ship to suit your needs. Available in bags, Super Sack®, pneumatic trucks, and rail cars.