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NSF ANSI Standard 60

Lime   Slurry

NSF ANSI Standard 60

Lime slurry is a suspension of calcium hydroxide in water, free-flowing and easy to pump.

Our slurry is ready to use and easily fed, monitored, and controlled. Storage and feed systems are simple, requiring either an agitated tank or cone-bottom tank with recirculation. Unlike dry-feed systems, bilged silos or fugitive dust are avoided and costly slaker repairs or replacements are eliminated.

Lime Slurry

Calcium hydroxide slurry is non-hazardous, simplifying transportation, storage, and handling. This eliminates air permit requirements and potential injuries associated with dry chemical handling.

A highly effective and low-cost alkali, lime slurry is easy to utilize. Applications range from industrial to environmental, and benefits of lime slurry include:

Lime Slurry

Compared to caustic soda, our product is a low-cost source of hydroxide alkalinity. Its stable pricing allows our customers to establish and maintain both short and long-term operating budgets.

While many facilities are utilizing by-product or carbide lime slurries, our slurry is a premium quality product. Manufactured specifically for wastewater treatment, some of the advantages of our slurry over by-products include:

  • Decreased product usage
  • No acetylene odor
  • No flammable gases emitted
  • Consistent product make-up
  • Higher % reactive solids
  • Decreased sludge volume
  • Reduced clarification in storage tank

Our lime slurry reduces cost in labor, equipment, maintenance, and processing without compromising quality.

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